NSF LIFE forms


Level of Interest Feedback Evaluation (LIFE) forms will be used at the Fall CAMTech IAB Meetings to provide Center Scientists with FEEDBACK from Center Member representatives on proposed research projects. In addition to conveying the level of interest in a given project, these forms will also be used to indicate how projects could be modified to align more closely with industrial needs. LIFE forms are completed online.

Information on the online LIFE form system can be found at the NSF I/UCRC Operational Tools site including a powerpoint presentation tutorial for use of the LIFE form system.

Direct access to the online LIFE form system: https://iucrclife.chass.ncsu.edu/lifeforms/  

Additional Resources

There is a YouTube Video describing the NSF LIFE form evaluation process as part of a presentation by Dee Hoffman, Evaluator for the Center for Agricultural Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology to the Industry Advisory Board.

Or, a pdf version of a similar presentation is also available.